Red Ice Radio: Paul Nehlen - Uncucked Republican Candidate for Congress

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Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice
February 7, 2018

Paul Nehlen is a Wisconsin business executive with over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He has run business operations for Fortune 500 companies throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Paul calls Delavan, Wisconsin home, and was candidate for Congress in Wisconsin’s First Congressional District 2016 in his first ever run for office. He served as a regional advisory board member for Operation Homefront, a national non-profit organization that provides direct financial assistance to the families of active duty service members. Paul has also been a volunteer for various charities throughout his life.

A video version of this interview is available here.

Henrik begins the program by asking Paul about himself and his emergent political career. Paul responds by saying that he has been running businesses his whole life; and in mid-2015 Paul Ryan began whipping votes in order to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on behalf of President Barrack Obama. It was Ryan’s duplicitousness in this regard that gave him the impetus to run for Congress. Paul goes on to talk about his book entitled Wage the Battle wherein he describes his effort to defeat the TPP. Paul and Henrik discuss other topics covered in the book such as the bureaucratization of trade deals, the need to repatriate America’s manufacturing base, and the disruptive effects of foreign labour. The conversation turns to population replacement under the guise of importing foreign workers. Paul also speaks to the need to construct Trump’s border wall to safeguard American citizens. The balance of the first hour covers a whole host of topics including Paul’s experience as a businessman, his involvement with political campaigns at a grassroots level, the work of Dr. Kevin MacDonald, the problematic nature of big government, and more.

Henrik introduces the second hour by asking Paul about the mainstream media and how he has been treated. Paul speaks to the biased nature of the media, its support for Antifa groups, and their dishonesty. To illustrate this bias, he describes an event attended by himself and Donald Trump in support of families that had lost loved ones to illegal alien crime, which received scant attention. The media do, however, spend a disproportionate amount of time promoting amnesty. Paul further states that because of his stance on DACA amnesty, the wall, and the repatriation of illegals, he is deemed to be an anti-Semite. Henrik and Paul go on to discuss the polemical tactics employed by the organized Jewish community to smear their opponents; and the importance of standing your ground. Moreover, we talk about the need to pursue white group interests in a context where all other ethnic groups are playing identity politics. Henrik goes on to ask Paul about his vision for America: he outlines his ideas about border security, immigration, and fair bilateral trade deals. The conversation ends with a discussion about ways to enforce free speech rights on the internet.



This guy may not have a chance but he is opening up the pathway for more candidates just like him. Paul Nehlen is 6,000,000 times better than Paul Ryan who is basically a puppet for super jew Paul Singer.
Wew! That’s a lot of Pauls.


Paul is the real deal. Give him any sort of support that you can, financially, on social media, anything.


Was a great interview. His body language, command of language, mannerisms were impeccable.

TFW he said he’s gonna take on the ADL,…

@Thanos Good One.


Yeah, I will continue to support him financially even if it boils down to him being a fringe guy filing lawsuits against the ADL.
These people have Gooogle, Twitter, Israel, everybody funneling millions into their war chest by the minute.


They have gorrillions Brethren.




The True Paul steps forward to claim his prophecy! All previous Pauls are False Pauls!

Fade out for Nehlen and/or be gone!



we cant ban muslim pedophiles thats not what America stands for yeah they still thinks its the 90s where we had to read Time magazine and like it lol




Most interviews I’ve heard with Mr. Nehlen cover essentially the same information: his history, how he came to the positions he currently holds, and so on. That’s understandable, given that in many cases it’s his first appearance on the show. That said, I’m sure I’m not the only one that wants to hear the discussion move beyond the basics and on to more concrete details regarding his views on what can and should be done in the coming years.

To be specific, I’d like to hear him discuss what he thinks is the most effective means, legislatively speaking, for European-Americans to ensure a safe environment for themselves and their children. Does he want to bring segregation back to the table? If not, why not? It’d be fantastic to see him add this to his list of core issues and get people talking about it again. It’s most definitely not jew-approved and will be sure to marginalize him even further with the boomers and shitlibs, but that goes without saying.




We have some new levels of knowing goys where I live that are making headlines.
Mayors etc.
It’s good news.


Baby steps. The most important thing he’s doing is exposing the jew tyranny. We’re in a hell of a mess and we have a lot of jewish social conditioning to undo.


Amazing interview. I like this guy more every time I hear him speak.
This is just the beginning. The fire is indeed rising.


I’ve even been debating filing the paperwork for a city commission seat against the incuckmbent white kid I went to high school with and some BLM-friendly black leftist that recently threw in his stolen hat.


Get this guy on the krypto report, I am sure Azzmador can use his bigfoot nose to tell if there is any (((rat dna))) in this guy.

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Do it,borther. We have nothing to lose by running for office. The only thing that can happen to us is that we lose the race. You don’t even have to reveal your full power level. Just frog-whistle with White friendly policies. Adapt to the local culture. If you’re in a very religious area,run on limiting abortion to situations of rape,incest,or cases where the life of the mother or child is at risk.

If you’re in an agricultural area,run on farming.

If you’re in cattle country,run on grazing rights.

If you’re in a city,run on infrastructure and commerce.

You can add immigration,law and order,military budget,family values,first amendment,second amendment,or whatever else as either the primary focus or the secondary focus.

Then when you win,especially if you win by a huge margin,you can begin to slowly reveal your power level in increments.

We also need sherriffs,mayors,treasurers,coroners,etc.

We need guys at every level. From the bottom all the way to the top. Doesn’t matter if it’s dog-catcher.There is a way that you will be able to serve your race from that position,so don’t think that your action is wasted just because you’re not running for President or Senator or something.

We will find a use for any official position that you are able to capture as long as you don’t make yourself look like a nutcase by going full exto on live tv or something.

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Do it !